About Us


We at SuperLife, have collaboration with the leading research institutions for producing organic foods and super nutrients that can prevent and treat various health conditions. Our team at SuperLife is involved in thorough research and development to come up with clinically proven quality products.

STC30 is one of our most prominent inventions that is made from plant stem cells and has proved to efficiently handle many of the chronic diseases. This supplement claims to be 100% successful compared to the ordinary traditional medicines in treating any sort of ailments. It is completely herbal with no side effects and is also approved by the FDA.

Till date, we can claim that STC30 is the best weapon to deal with ailments like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson’s disease, down syndrome, cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, diabetes and a lot more. We have proved that when all the other medical treatments fail to provide the expected solution, STC30 Stemcel Organic Therapy shows its magic.

Superlife was launched officially in 2017 in Nigeria, West Africa. It is run by an affluent Malaysian entrepreneur Ken Lai, the present CEO of the company. Today, the organization is recognized internationally. It is carrying out its local operations in more than 40 countries and actively penetrating new markets by closely working with the authorities of the other countries.

We ensure that all our products adhere to the country’s legal requirements. We are trying to come up with seamless and well-established payment systems in every country. As our member, you will have an established platform to shape-up a global business network with SuperLife.

Choose from our membership packages as per your capacity. You can also avail membership discounts by using the gift coupons provided by us. Our dedicated team offers 24/7 support that you can count on. We also have all day round responsive delivery support to ensure that you receive your consignment on time.