You don’t make money from selling only. You refer people to the business and receive commission.

1 Direct Sponsoring Bonus

When you recruit or invite someone to join the business you are rewarded according to the package they join with.

If you join as STAR When you sponsor a

Star its: 30%(N13,200)
Supreme. 15%(N26,400)
Super. 8%(N35,200)

If you join as a SUPREME

For Star 30%(N13,200)
Supreme 35%(N61,600)
Super 16%(N70,400)


Star 30%(N13,200)
Supreme. 35%(N61,600)
Super. 35%(N154,000).

2 Pairing Bonus

This is given on every pair under you, when two people join the business you are paid for that.


You are allowed to have 28 pairs.
First 2 pairs you get N7,920* each pair.
3rd to the 28th its N1,760
2×N7,920=N15,840+N1,760×26 =N61,600 max per day.
Per month max N1,848,000.


Allowed to have 99 pairs
First 4 pairs you get $18
5th to 99th $5.
$18×4. + $5×95 = $642 per day
Per month max. $19.260


Infinity or unlimited pairs.
1st to tenth pair get $18.00
From tenth to infinity $9.00
Unlimited pairs per day and month

3 Roll Up Bonus

This is enjoyed by a person with a higher rank when his or her down line with a lower rank sponsor a person above his rank.

E.g Peter Supreme >sponsor John Star > who sponsors Tom Supreme
When a Supreme sign up the company pays out $140.00.
In this case John as starter gets his $60 bonus and the remaining $80 rolls up to Peter who is a supreme
If a super join a supreme who joins a star who then sponsor a Super.
When a Super joins company releases $350.00
Star gets his $80. $160 rolls up to supreme. $110 rolls up to super.

Power of joining with a higher package💪🏼🤓

4 Key in Bonus

This is enjoyed by Super leaders for registering people in the system.

3% of the total amount of the package is given as key in bonus just for signing up a person in the system

Star $3.00,
Supreme. $12.00
Super. $30.00

Note this is not restricted to only your network, even those brought from other networks you will register them.

Power of being Super💫💫💫💫💫💫😃

5 Unilevel Bonus

This is a bonus from your newtwork’s effort of sales.
First level or your direct level you get 8% of their sales.
Second level, these are your ‘ downlines 7%.
3rd level 6%
4th level 5%
If you join with SUPER you will go deep to other levels at 4%, Upto infinity.